Capital Caper

An Audacious London Jewellery Heist

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Like with your previous jobs, you will need to use your cunning and ingenuity. To avoid the long arm of the law, you will have to think carefully and cover your tracks. You are a team of jewel thieves who are notorious for heists all across Europe. Your track record speaks for itself, but no one will see this one coming, not even from a team of professionals like yourselves. Such exceptional skills rarely go unnoticed, and you are in no short supply of work having built a network of many wealthy clients.

One such client, the eccentric Bartholomew Van Der Berg gives you a task - obtain one of the great Faberge Eggs that belonged to the Duchess of Marlborough. The Egg is being displayed for a short spell in Mr. Jansons's Jewellers in Hatton Gardens, a prominent store, filled with dozens of ancient and valuable pieces. This is sure to be the heist of the century, but if anyone can crack this one - it will be your infamous team.

Will you pull this heist off successfully and reap the rewards? Or do twenty years behind iron bars await you?

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