5 Reasons why you need to play an Escape Room

When someone asks you what you do and you say you work in an escape room, the most common responses you get are "What is that?" or "I've heard of them but I've never actually played." My response to this usually goes something like: "You should try it, it's great!"

Escape rooms are quickly becoming one of the most popular entertainment activities for people of all ages, and if you're looking for an escape room in London, look no further than Mazer Zone Escape!

In this article, I'll tell you 5 reasons why you need to play an escape room.

1. Anyone can play

People often think they are not smart enough or too old/young to play escape rooms, but that's simply not true. There are escape rooms for everyone, covering practically all genres, themes, and movie settings you can think of. Whether you're into horror, World War II, Egyptology, pirates, mods, rockers, sports, zombies, or something else, escape rooms have got you covered.

Escape rooms are not necessarily designed for smart or intellectual people, and even if you have the highest IQ in the world, you can still face difficulties in the escape room. Each team for escape rooms needs different types of players, and you can read all about our tips for creating the perfect escape room team here. Even if you don't consider yourself the smartest, you'll probably be surprised at how helpful you can be. Our game masters are watching and listening all the time, so you'll never get stuck for too long, as they'll be able to give you a clue in the right direction!

Another big plus - the whole family can play! Our escape rooms in Central London can be played by players aged 6 and up.

2. A new source of entertainment

If you're stuck in a rut and don't know what to do this weekend, then an escape room can be the perfect choice. Why sit on the couch and watch a movie when you can be in the movie!? In the escape room, you are the main character, and it's you who makes the decisions. Our escape rooms are designed for complete immersion in a completely different world.

3. This is actually beneficial for you

Yes, escape rooms do have some great health benefits! They help improve fine and gross motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination and spatial perception. In addition, escape rooms help improve memory, its retrieval and retention, offering an engaging way to work on your brain.

Who would have thought that escape rooms could be so beneficial for you?

4. Escape rooms are similar to real video games

If you are a big fan of video games, escape rooms are the closest thing you can get to your own video game. If you have always wanted to be the one who saves the world, finds precious gems, or rescues a stranded team, then escape rooms are perfect for you. In escape rooms, you will find yourself in an exciting world where success or defeat depends solely on you. Do you have what it takes to win? Find out now!

5. You will never have to repeat themes

There are so many different themes for escape rooms that you will never get bored playing! Here at Mazer Zone, we have three different themed rooms: horror in Demon's Domain, science fiction in Star Struck, and a jewel heist in Capital Caper. This is just our escape room in London, but there are so many different themes available to play around the world that you will never be bored! Each escape room offers a new scenario with different puzzles that will entertain you forever...

If you're looking for a great escape room in the centre of London, head to our booking page right now!

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