Have you always wanted to try out an escape room but have put it aside as you didn’t know what to do in it? Look no further because with this escape room do and don’t guide you will know exactly what to expect and how to get out! London’s best escape rooms at Mazer Zone has got you covered!

Let’s start with a couple of Dos:

1. Communicate!

Great communication skills are essential between your teammates. You can never know if someone has found exactly what you were looking for. You will save a lot of time and it will come in very handy when someone has a key, and you have the padlock. It’s all about teamwork!

2. Explore

A good starting point in any escape room is to simply explore everything inside the room – have you looked behind every single nook and cranny? No? Go on, then!

3. Carefully listen to the Game Master

Game Masters are there for a reason – to help you have the best possible experience. Listen to the rules they’ll tell you, they’re very important! They are also the only ones who can help you to get out if you get stuck, so better be on their good side.

4. Arrive on time

Your game start time and your arrive time are two different things. Arrive 10-15 min before your game so that you can get settled in, sign any consent forms, ask all the questions you may have, put your stuff down and use the facilities. You may be surprised, but these things take some time, and you wouldn’t want them to cut your game time short because of it, would you? Being punctual is the best escape room policy.

If you feel tempted to, absolutely do NOT do this:

5. Use force

No excessive force is needed. Escape room is a game of mental not physical strength. Everything in the room can be done with your brains rather than your muscles. It will test your intellect, not your athletic skills!

6. Use any alcoholic substances

If you think drinking something stronger before your game will give you courage, you have another thing coming. Game Masters have a right to refuse entry if they see you are unfit to play if you’ve been using any alcoholic substances. This will only hinder your game so be sure to come with a clear head. You can always go celebrate after you’ve escaped!

7. Reject Game Master’s help

A Game Master will always know where you are in the game, and they also know how many tasks are left for you to complete. If they offer you a clue, you should take it! If you wouldn’t need help, they wouldn’t give it to you. Note, this is not a game of pride. Even escape room professionals and long-time enthusiasts ask for a hint or two – there’s no shame in it!

Now that you know what to do and don’t do you are all set you to try out one of your next adventures – Star Struck or Capital Caper. To learn more about these rooms you can check them out at mazer.zone or check other blog posts for a more detailed description.

If you’d like to book your team building event with Mazer Zone, you can either book directly on our website by going to Book a Room, or you can email info@mazer.zone, or call our team on +44 2071 670268 .

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