Christmas with lots of Bailey’s hot chocolates and New Years with bottomless champagne was fun, however, maybe it’s time for a little detox? If cutting back on booze is one of your next year’s goals, there’s plenty of other fun things that London has to offer.

First of all,… have you heard of Dry January?

We all probably know of someone who’s doing a “Dry January”, but what does it really mean? It’s commonly known as a month where a lot of people have decided to stop using alcohol for 31 days after the festive period in December. It’s a journey of health to start the New Year feeling more refreshed.

It started in 2012 as an initiative by Alcohol Change UK, which is a British charity. Their aim was to “ditch the hangover, reduce the waistline and save some serious money by giving up alcohol for 31 days”. After this, many people, including some celebrities, have decided to take alcohol out of their diet completely (and they swear by it!).

It has become an internationally approved activity or as some people like to call it – a challenge. It has proven to reduce stress and anxiety so much that some people carry on doing it for another month, calling it the Sober February.

But… What Does It Have To Do With Escape Rooms?

I’m glad you asked! Alcohol is addictive and drinking it results in a relative rise in adrenaline. Do you know what else is a good adrenaline source? You guessed it – escape rooms!

It might be a little stretch from point A to B, but escape rooms are a perfect distraction to forget about bad habits and enjoy a different type of adrenaline source. It keeps your brain working, improves your communication and team-working skills, and is so much fun!

Tell me More!

You could say escape rooms are the gym of the mind and releases so many endorphins that you will be left begging for more. Even though you are working your brain and critical thinking a lot, the time you’re locked in a room goes by so quickly you barely feel tired!

Escape rooms are a healthy exercise for your mind that will help you sharpen many different life skills, and you’ll have fun while doing it. They test the problem-solving and lateral thinking (also known as “thinking outside the box”) skills by challenging players with variety of puzzles to solve and unlock codes, chests, doors, etc. It’s all about patterns and cyphers, maybe even word games – the tasks are endless!

These games are perfect to enjoy with your family and loved ones and even works as a perfect alternative for going to a bar or a night out drinking with your partner or friends.

Dry January and Escape Rooms are a match made in heaven! If you need more convincing, there’s only one way to prove this theory – book one of London’s best escape rooms and have the time of your life that you will surely never forget!

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