Are you looking for something extraordinary, unique and completely wild for your next date? Then you come to the right place. Escape rooms are a great idea for a date night whether you and your significant other are a new couple or been married for years. There is no better place in London to try out than Mazer Zone.

Why exactly escape rooms?

Escape Room is a game of teamwork and will put your relationship to the test. You will improve your communication skills and work together to solve mysteries that lie ahead. It’s the perfect place to find out what are your and your partner’s strengths and weaknesses. After having completed an escape room you will find out who they really are…

No phones allowed!

Yes, you heard it right – no phones are permitted inside the rooms, so you and your partner are left without any modern gadgets to help you on your quest. Which also means no distractions! No more checking social media every 5 minutes and phone calls interrupting your conversations. You will have to completely rely on one another to complete the tasks and get out!

Will there be other players in the room?

Nope! That’s the beauty of it! These rooms are designed so that they can be completed by just two players. It gives you the quality time you truly seek with each other. There is no better way than to spend it locked up in a room together, right?

Speed dating

Who said speed dating has to be boring? Take your blind date here and find out if you are truly a match. Escape rooms in London are the perfect place to get to know somebody and fast. London is a quick city which means dating has to be too! In just under an hour, you will learn who they truly are, their hidden personality traits and how they act under pressure. The question is – do you want to find out?

Adrenaline Rush

Escape rooms aren’t just a game to be completed, they can get very exciting and competitive! Solving puzzles with a time limit will give you all the rush of endorphins you need. Increased feelings of happiness and joy will help you fuel your chemistry together. If this chemistry mixes well, there is a higher chance for a second date.

Still not convinced? Check out all the games at Mazer Zone online or give us a call and we can tell you a bit more about them and why they are ideal for your next best date. It’s an experience you will never forget.

If you’d like to book your team building event with Mazer Zone, you can either book directly on our website by going to Book a Room, or you can email, or call our team on +44 2071 670268

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