Whether you’re a seasoned player or did your first Google search about escape rooms last night, you probably have noticed that there is a vast range of choices when it comes down to choosing which room to play. It may seem overwhelming reading about backstories of each game as there are hundreds of escape room themes, spanning from something common as prison breaks to uniquely themed ones.

Most escape rooms will offer multiple games and you can crack each room one by one and be able to decide what type of escape room you like most. Today, however, I have broken down some of the more popular genres you will stumble upon. There’s a really good chance these will also become some of your favourites too!


Both Bank Robbery and Prison Break can be named as the fathers of escape rooms. The premises is very simple: rob a bank or escape the prison cell, or in some cases – both. That’s why they are under the same genre as they can (and very often do) intertwine with each other.

These are very popular due to an already existing demand, and it’s all thanks to the film industry. How many times have you wondered if you could pull off a robbery like Dave Franko in Now You See Me or if you could escape Alcatraz like Al Capone? If the answer is at least ‘once’, then these escape rooms are just for you!

Nearly every single company used to have either one or the other, and newer companies are trying to stay away from this stereotype. It may be overplayed but it’s a true classic that will forever live in our hearts.


Did somebody say a pirrrrrrate? Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? Board a mysterious (and probably cursed) ship with your crew, follow the x marked on a dodgy map and find the gold that will make you rich for a lifetime!

Pirate themed escape rooms are filled with adventures, jewels, and curses. Nearly every single one of them has the same exact storyline (something in between the lines of the narrative of Pirates of the Caribbean), but that doesn’t mean they’re similar in puzzles. You’d be surprised the range of tasks a pirate can do! They are experts at hiding and finding treasure after all, and they do love a good padlock and a key combo.


I’m not talking about friendly ghosts and Agatha Christie murder mysteries here. This is scary. Petrifying. True horror. Something that will leave you screaming your lungs off as you’re trying to figure out if the man behind the bar quietly sitting and creepily staring at you is a real life psychopath or a dummy positioned to make you unnerved.

These spine-chilling horror rooms are one of the most popular escape room themes across all players. The odds of you ending up chased by a serial killer seem very low until you realise they’re quite high. We’ve all seen scary movies and know not to go down to the basement alone, or to always stay with the group and never split up. But when you’re put in the position of this choice – what will you do?

Horror rooms get your blood pumping and are ideal for adrenaline-junkies.

That concludes the top 3 escape room genres. Now that you’re familiar with them, it’s time to give them all a go and decide which one is your favourite!

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