Understanding the Different Escape Room Characters

Escape rooms are all about teamwork and a good mix of different player types can increase your chances of success. At Mazer Escape Rooms in London, we've seen various types of teams come through our doors, some more successful than others. Here are 5 of the most common player types that we think can help you beat any escape room.

The Importance of a Team Leader in Escape Rooms

Every team needs a leader who can delegate tasks, organize objects, keep track of time, and interact with the Games Master. A good leader can inspire the team and keep everyone focused on the goal. If you don't know who the leader is, it's probably you! Interestingly, the person who starts as the leader might not end up being the leader.

Why You Need a Maths Master in Your Escape Room Team

Most escape rooms have at least one numbers puzzle, and having a team member who is good with math can be very useful. A mathematician can help you speed through rooms without needing as many clues. The Maths Master is an essential role in any escape room team.

The Logic Lord: The Essential Brains of the Group

The Logic Lord is the brains of the group and a natural puzzler who loves solving riddles. Logic puzzles make up a significant amount of the puzzles in most escape rooms. Therefore, it's essential to have someone who is good with logic puzzles. Your Logic Lord should be able to think outside the box and come up with a range of potential solutions.

The Role of the Free Thinker in Escape Rooms

The Free Thinker is the person who makes giant leaps in logic and can come up with potential solutions or ideas that might seem far-fetched. Although their ideas might not always be correct, they're great to have in the team to throw out potential solutions and ideas. In combination with a good leader and a solid logical thinker, a Free Thinker can help make a successful team.

The Active One: The Physical Powerhouse in Your Escape Room Team

The Active One is the team member who is always climbing on everything, running around, and opening every cupboard and door. They might even dismantle props! Although this might scare escape room owners, you will need someone to do physical activities during an escape room. The most active member of your team will shine in challenges that require movement and dexterity.

How to Create a Successful Escape Room Team with a Mix of Characters

In conclusion, these are the most common types of escape room characters, and having a good mix of them in your team can increase your chances of success.

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