When it comes to choosing an escape room in London it can often be a little daunting to pick one when there are so many options to choose from. London is blessed with a large number of escape rooms…some better than others! If you’ve come to this page, then the chances are that you’re looking to book an escape room in London and are wondering why you should choose Mazer.

About Mazer

Mazer Escape Rooms are located in Camden, London and opened in June 2022 after almost three years in production! We started building Mazer back in 2019 with a view to having things ready to open in 2020, but then that little thing called COVID-19 happened and things got delayed. It’s not all bad though, because that extra two years has given us more time to work on the puzzles, the rooms, and the games to create what we believe is one of the best escape room experiences London has to offer.

Our Games

Star Struck

Medium Difficulty

2-5 Players

When we were researching escape rooms in London, one thing that we found lacking was a really good sci-fi room. There aren’t many space or sci-fi escape rooms in London, and the ones that are here aren’t fully-fledged, traditional escape rooms, so we decided to build one! 

The year is 2220, and wars and natural disasters have ravaged the Earth. Humanity, clinging to survival in orbit, has one last hope - a scientific genius and his revolutionary formula for starship fuel. Alas, the powers that be will not relinquish their grip on the human race. Shortly after being recruited by the good professor, he suddenly disappears leaving the fate of mankind in the hands of you and your crew. Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery and save the human race?

Capital Caper

High Difficulty

2-5 Players

You’ve heard about the Hatton Garden Heist, right? Six elderly men stole £14m worth of jewellery from a safe deposit box inside a vault in what can only be described as an Oceans 11-style heist! Now it is time for your team to have a go! Can you make off with the loot or will you run out of time and end up locked up?

What will you spend your riches on? A sun-soaked island in the Caribbean, a private jet to fly you there and a fancy sports car to drive around in? This dream will become your reality once you dare to carry out the greatest heist in history. A priceless jewel in a Hatton Garden store. It's no Fort Knox, but still, you and your team will need to use all of the skills at your disposal to pull this one off - Get the jewel and escape unnoticed. Paradise awaits!

Our Puzzles

One thing we’re particularly proud of at Mazer is our puzzles. We’ve put all that extra time we got during COVID to good use and have come up with a whole host of really great, really interesting puzzles. If you’re an escape room regular, chances are that you’ve come across the same sorts of puzzles on a regular basis- we’ve tried to counter that by coming up with unique puzzles which will challenge both novice and experienced escape room, players.

We’re not going to give away any spoilers here, so the best way to find out is to come and play one of our escape rooms! 

How to Book

If you like what you’ve read and would like to book one of our escape rooms in London, then all you need to do is head over to our home page by clicking here! 

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