With Christmas holidays and The New Year approaching in just over a month, many companies are looking for fun activities in Camden and beyond for their employees. Whilst the cold and wet weather in this year time prohibits much of the outdoor fun, immersive indoor escape rooms like Mazer Zone top the list of finest, but cheap off-office activities to do in winter. Here is why:

Solve puzzles in teams from 2 to 5

Mazer Zone and other London escape rooms are orientated at team puzzle-solving. Most of the tasks require 2 or more people collaborating, like in a workplace. The one-hour games create a lasting impact on mutual communication, collaboration and idea-pitching – the skills that are highly relevant for building meaningful professional relationships.

You get to know your colleague outside of office

A colleague or an employee may be a different person at work than he/she is privately. A meaningful professional relationship tends to include mutual understanding of each other’s personality and preferred style of working. Games like Star Struck and Capital Caper, located in Camden Town, create an immersive environment where players get to know each other better.

Escape Rooms are affordable!

Most escape rooms prices start from £25-35 per person, being accessible to small enterprises. Mazer’s budget-friendly indoor games are fantastic for those who do not want to spend a fortune but are enthusiastic about tech-intensive immersion of most of the puzzles.

Escape Rooms are fun for every player involved!

Chess tournaments are not for everyone, we know it. Mazer Zone and other escape rooms put great effort into creating a balance between difficulty and simple enjoyment. Be it a jewellery heist at Capital Caper or finding a revolutionary formula at Star Struck, our games immerse their players into a world where minutes run like seconds and hours run like minutes.

Still not convinced about your team building events at one of London’s escape rooms? Have a look at our rooms descriptions or get in touch by email info@mazer.zone.

If you’d like to book your team building event with Mazer Zone, you can either book directly on our website by going to Book a Room, or you can email info@mazer.zone, or call our team on +442071670268.

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