The experience

  1. You and all team players must always listen to and follow the instructions given by our Game Masters. These instructions will include, but are not limited to; the agenda of the experience, rules of the escape game, and health and safety instructions. If any of these instructions are not followed, we reserve the right to stop your experience and order your team to leave the venue without refund.
  2. No video recordings or photos are allowed inside the assessment rooms or in the control rooms. You are expected to switch off any video / audio recording devices (this includes, without exception mobile phones, recording devices and cameras), unless a different arrangement has been made with our venue prior to your booking.
  3. We expect you and the team members not to disclose any details of the game directly or indirectly to any third parties. Our games are our intellectual property and you are not permitted to use this in any way without our written consent. You accept that any such disclosure or use may constitute an infringement of our intellectual property rights.
  4. We are entitled to charge you or your team members for any damage which is intentional and / or caused by misuse of company property within the briefing area(s), escape room(s) and control rooms.
  5. At no point are you to use force during the experience. The escape game has been designed to be robust and damage resistant. If it appears that physical force is intentional then this will be considered a breach of our conditions and we will stop your experience. If you deliberately damage something, you will be liable to pay for damages and possible revenue loss, then asked to leave. We will treat these circumstances on a case by case basis.
  6. If you are found to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances during the experience, you will be ejected from the venue without refund.
  7. CCTV images will be recorded throughout the experience and remain the property of IME Investments Limited. This includes audio and video monitoring as it is an essential part of running and observing the game. Recordings of the game will be made and stored for up to 28 days with the sole purpose of documenting evidence of illegal behaviour, such as committing wilful damage to company property or harassing members of staff.
  8. Although we will use reasonable endeavours to keep your belongings secure at our venue, we will accept no responsibility for said belongings.
  9. Our experience has been designed to be in a safe and secure environment; however subject to clause 10 below, we will accept no responsibility for any liability, harm, injury or death, cost or expense whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly from attending an experience at IME Investments Limited.
  10. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this Agreement limits or excludes IME Investments’ liability for death or personal injury caused to you resulting from our own negligence.
  11. We reserve the right to stop the experience, without refund, for, customers who, in the opinion of our Game Masters, behave in a manner that is likely to affect the enjoyment of our other customers, or for customers who use threatening, abusive words or behaviour to other customers or members of staff, or for customers who do not follow written or verbal instructions, or who behave in a manner that may risk the health and safety of themselves, other customers or members of staff. Where a customer is part of a group, we reserve the right to remove the whole group from the venue in addition to the individual involved, without refund.
  12. Except where otherwise specified in our cancellation policy, we regret we cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance of our contractual obligations is affected by reason of circumstances amounting to “Force Majeure”. Force Majeure means any event which we could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid, including but not limited to, war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire and similar events beyond our control.
  13. Drinks and food may not be brought into the venue.
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